There’s a great trend unfolding in the ether. I came across it the other day when someone mentioned “UnFacebooking” in one of my Facebook hobby groups.

And it’s not merely the reluctance of platforms such as Facebook to strangle the evils of hate speech, fake news and conspiracy manipulation that have brought it about. The current Netflix eye-opener The Social Dilemma has definitely pushed things along. Check out the post right below this to see what I mean.

If Facebook is slowly unravelling, wait till you see what will happen to Twitter should Donald Trump fail to secure a second presidential term.

If anything, or anyone single-handedly resurrected that once dying platform in 2015, it was the Orange Don. No one foresaw him elevating it into a Tool of State that so many others are trying to emulate with trivial results. If Trump loses in November, behold the great UnTwittering that will follow.

So, where will people go for their social creature needs if the big platforms can’t bring the goods? The clue actually lies with Twitter, the original Facebook Wall and even the SMS.

It’s Microblogging.

All that’s needed to bring it to preeminence as a stand-alone industry, is a hosting and aggregation infrastructure bundled up with phone or internet plans: Personal micro-websites curated for all by a corporate host or hosts—no algorithms thank you.

You see, nothing is free. And if UnFacebooking shows us anything, it’s that you as a person have value. Therefore, if you no longer want to be a commodity in the social transaction, infrastructure must have its value too.

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