The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month has come and gone a second time this Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, vaccines against it are now miraculously in arms.

If freedom from Covid-19 is still a way off, freedom from its fear is upon us: born by the freedom of science, through the freedom of healthcare, managed by the freedom of government in a deliberate and cautious effort to maintain a freedom of lifestyle.

But some have not come to the party.

Not politicians who’ve had to relinquish their media limelight to state medical officers. Not business leaders who’ve lost self-purpose with their staffs working from home. Not business owners who’ve been closed unable to steal wages from their employees and otherwise swindle their clientele. Not psychotics whose self-worth lives through social media likes, nor con artists whose self-enrichment derives from enraging others: the unethical in the media among them. Definitely not the gullible believing in them all.

So, now I write this checklist of thanks to those for whom this day exists:

  • To those who served scared, numb, patriotic or heroic.
  • To those who fell in the fields, trenches, jungles, deserts, heat or mud.
  • To those who died to protect freedom—
  • Now be remembered so you do not go in vain—

Now freedom is a cause for some to complain.

© 2021 Adam Parker.