While the message that follows is intended for an Australian audience, all readers should feel comfortable grasping its gist by Googling any terms unfamiliar. It’s a message of relevance to you too.

Source: ABC Australia News Online September 7, 2020.

Dear Australia,


If fighting Covid-19 were a business meaning the fewer the virus’ cases the better, with the State of Victoria reducing 725 daily cases on August 5 to 41 today, September 7, that’s a 1,768% productivity return in just 1 month: a unique success in the Covid-19 world war.

So, folks, if you’re going to barrack against Victorians leading up to their kick off of a bumper pre-Christmas trading season in around 50 days, you’re not only going to find yourself on the wrong side of history, you’re going to find you’ve got nothing left to politic about because you’ve dissed a bunch of people who—through no fault of their own—have sacrificed in a once in a multi-generation battle and won.

Not to mention you’re also going to want a share of their GST revenues when they do.

Embrace Victorians in their fight—and if local, shore up your business’ balance sheet now. The end of the tunnel is closer than it’s ever been and you’re still part of the second-largest consumer State in Australia.


– Adam (Coalition voter until the 1993 birthday cake debacle, returnee when Kevin07 got the Labor knife).


As if to reinforce how tenuous re-opening an economy can be during a widespread Covid-19 outbreak, a suburban Melbourne Woolworths supermarket has just announced its closure and deep cleaning in an area that prior to, only had 1 active Covid-19 case.

This is called “community spread” and in an environment of outbreak slowly being brought under control, it reinforces why a close watch over the embers is the correct strategy to prevent the rekindling of the inferno.

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Picture Credit: © 2020 ABC.