It was a small compound nestled among the hills of a fir tree wood. The air still had a crispness to it though they were a few miles inland from the sea. The van arrived. More like a truck really. A cab with an immense windowless compartment in the rear.

The doors to a broad single-storied building opened. First men and women in white coats appeared. Then followed a staggered procession of a wretched humanity. A subdued gaggle of the mentally ill and the intellectually impaired. The white coats helped them aboard, latches were locked sealing them inside and a low wail among them began.

The engine revved taking them down a road. It would be a short while before the driver turned his knob and carbon-monoxide from an altered exhaust system, pumped itself into the passengers’ abode. The engine would only stop gunning when the screams subsided. At that point, the mass asphyxiation was done.

Reports would soon emerge criticising this practice. Diesel wasn’t cheap. A year on, Zyklon-B gas chambers would take over. They would prove very efficient—gassing on an industrial level, was indeed, economically sound.

In this way, Germany’s Third Reich rid itself of its so called, useless and undesirable. “Sieg Heil!” The crowds would exclaim. The Second World War was only two years old and for the faithful it was, “Onward to victory!”

The Covid-19 Threat

Late in 2019, a Novel Coronavirus spread from China throughout the world. According to epidemiological experts, like the US National Institute of Health’s  NIAIDS director, Dr Anthony Fauci, Covid-19 is the most contagious virus the world has seen in modern times.

Fear of contagion has resulted in a financial rout. As of writing over 500,000 cases of Covid-19 officially exist worldwide with over 20,000 dead. These figures only speak to what has been officially tested and reported. No country has been able to test adequately, and some have hidden their population’s true impact under the guise of national security.

A decade, earlier, between 2009-2010, the less contagious Swine Flu killed 12,000 in the USA alone. Possessing an R0 (R-Zero or Reproduction Number) of 2.58, each Covid-19 carrier will potentially infect 3 non-carriers. Some sources estimate that this R0 may in fact be 5. To put this in perspective, the R0 of Influenza is 1 and Swine Flu is 1.5. Now you understand the current threat. And there is still no preventative treatment or cure.

Two Strategies—Herd Immunity Versus Lockdown

Two schools of thought have risen to tackle this dilemma. One is called Herd Immunity which I’ve spoken about prior (see the article Appeasement—Australia Opens Doors to Covid-19 Attack on this site). The other is more cognitively titled, Lockdown.


When it comes to Lockdown, the world is split. After hiding the existence of the Novel Coronavirus, China thrust its epicentre Wuhan along with Wuhan’s province, Hubei, into Lockdown. We’ve all seen the unimaginable terror of residents being welded shut inside their apartment blocks and people being carried against their will into confinement, as only an authoritarian regime can do.

The United Kingdom, after much debate over Herd Immunity only recently succumbed to Lockdown too, applying the softer touch of a democracy. UK citizens are presently severely limited in their outings for shopping and exercise. While work other than “essential” has ceased.

And having faced the reality of not imposing Lockdowns amid spiralling death tolls, Italy and Spain preceded the UK. India, New Zealand, Poland, Belgium, Bolivia, Colombia, Jordan and Tunisia have now joined the list; South Africa as of today, rounds it out.

In the United States, a lack of uniform leadership from the Trump Administration has seen governors shutting down their own States. California, Oregon, New York and New Jersey famously taking the lead: around 21 States in total have now signed on in some form.

The strategy of Lockdown is simple: Keep people indoors and the spread of Covid-19 will stop—emergency services will cope—and the virus will then go away.

Herd Immunity

But there’s another approach and it’s one that Australia has elected to follow, goaded by Donald Trump who wants to see the whole of America open for business in a week’s time for Easter.

Herd Immunity has a straightforward strategy too: Allow enough people to become infected with Covid-19 and those who survive will become immune; create enough survivors and they’ll eventually surround those still vulnerable—and the virus having nothing to do, will then go away.

Except we have no proof that surviving Covid-19 breeds any immunity at all.

History Repeats

Neither approach is guaranteed. As the NIH’s Dr Fauci said on Fox News just last week, the way Covid-19 works is still largely unknown—meaning without a cure, no matter what prevention we put in place, even if it suddenly disappears, it will likely come back and eventually:

Everybody will get it.

So now, we come to a concept that thriller writer, Frederick Forsyth, coined in his novel of the same name, “The Devil’s Alternative”—a choice between two bad options.

Because while countries are waging war against their common biological enemy, people still need to eat, maintain shelter, be productive, accumulate wealth and contribute to the national good.

So, world leaders are now asking: Which Covid-19 strategy will benefit their economies more? And that’s where things are beginning to get terrifying.

On the Conservative cable media of both Australia and the US this week, commentators shared a chillingly similar narrative:

Lockdowns kill economies and that’s riskier than killing people.

To quote one Australian Senator on Sky News, when it comes to death, “Well we’re all going that way anyway”. So what does it matter if tens of thousands are sacrificed amid the struggle for a greater cause?

Another, in the US went further. He surmised that as the elderly will die soon as it is, where’s the danger in bringing their fate forward?

These extremes of course, are different sides of the same Herd Immunity coin. As in:

Let’s restart the economy, put people to work—many will get sick, most will recover, they’ll become immune and eventually we’ll all be back to normal with a Dow Jones Industrial of 30,000 and businesses, cashed up at taxpayer expense, returning to reducing their scrip, boosting their earnings per share, with a healthy dose of merger and acquisition thrown in.

I mean after all, as Donald Trump argues, Covid-19 death rates are currently negligible. Trump said only a few days ago:

You look at automobile accidents, which are far greater than any numbers we’re talking about. That doesn’t mean we’re going to tell everybody no more driving of cars.

In other words, in some think tanks, it’s ok to let those least able to contribute to the economy die for the benefit of the whole.

Forget that they’ve paid a lifetime of taxes, fought in Vietnam, stymied the Oil Shock of the 70s, won the Cold War and kept great corporations afloat recession after recession. Money’s what counts now, damn it! And we’re back to the tyranny of Third Reich eugenics.

It explains why Australia, despite warnings of officials that its health system can’t cope, has been slowly putting its population through the Ten Tortures of varying “Level” shutdowns.

No outdoor events greater than 500 followed by an outdoor event ban; no pubs but bottle shops ok; no beauticians but 30-minute hairdos fine; no 30-minute hairdos they can now be unlimited; no cafes but food courts ok; no food courts but takeaway’s still a go. It’s called “flattening the curve” and it numbs the mind.

All the while we’re reminded that flattening the curve is “scalable”. It can easily be ramped up or down. Yet, the message is clear: Australia, like America, needs to stay working regardless of the death toll.

And I need to ask:

Where are a business’ consumers meant to come from if they’re sick or dead?

The Considered Solution—Go to War or Shut it Down

We are definitely at war. A World War whether with nature. Or as conspiracy theorists—including some working for the Chinese establishment have touted—with a foreign foe. You see, we are either fighting a naturally occurring virus or one grown in a laboratory in germ warfare.

If the latter, then it’s simple. Wage Total War. It’s World War 3, China’s the target, let the nukes fly—and millions of innocents will die because in a war, that’s ok.

If not, if our enemy is Mother Nature then people, not fiscal discipline, must come first.

It’s people that make economies, not the other way around. Popular demand creates scarcity and scarcity brings supply-side solutions. That’s easy to forget since everything went global in the 1980s.

But a virus has now tarnished Globalisation’s sheen, showing it to be a fraud.

Right now, each country must look to its own needs starting at the basics of food, water, shelter, utilities, communications, law, order and healthcare. The military permeates the whole. Each must measure its resources, its industrial capacity, its productivity and liberties.

And each must then take a war footing and mobilise for a shutdown. “It’s the end of the world as we know it”, sang REM. And they were very right.

The Realm of Humans

This dilemma, this Devil’s Alternative, is the realm of those who’ve put their hand up for high office seeking the rewards and perks that attach.

Still, they, like their citizenry, remain human and to expect perfection from them is unfair. They must be encouraged to make mistakes. But absent of war, they do not have the right to kill.

Covid-19 is not a geopolitical battlefield. There are no trenches or terrain to take. This is a war of science—and in it, eugenics is myth.

Governments across the world, especially the United States and the superpowers it has negligently spawned—Russia and China—now need to define a new world order. The old economy is gone. People will not die to resuscitate it when resuscitation is not offered to them.

First, we kill the virus. Next we will look inwards to self-sufficiency. Then we help those in the Third World do the same. After, we then take our excess into trade. Currency manipulation, exotic derivates, hedging, short selling; the monopoly, oligarchy and cartel—these are all, together with Communism and executive excess at an end.

Multi-billionaires can now step up and help fund the shortfall. Targeted innovation rather than throwing cash to see what sticks is the future. There will be a global debt reckoning—a rounding of the books so to speak.

Xi Jinping and his cohorts in their cover up of Covid-19 will see the inside of The Hague for Crimes Against Humanity. Meaning, any leader who puts Herd Immunity before his or her population’s wellbeing will join them.

We’re about to enter a world where humanity is truly valued. That’s how we’ll ensure this fiasco of a virus will never occur again.

For now, we shut it down and in doing so we irrevocably declare: In our society, every life matters.

© 2020 Adam Parker.