You cannot wage a war by committee. It takes one national leader and one national vision for victory.

In that vision there can only be a single national strategy.

That strategy is then devolved to the national armies, their corps, divisions, brigades, regiments, companies, platoons and squads.

Armies cannot change national strategy. Armies cannot make a separate national peace.

In that way, nations die.

Similarly, the Australian Federal Government cannot devolve its vision for fighting the national threat of Covid-19 to the Australian States.

As of this Sunday afternoon we have Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory at odds with themselves and the Federal Government—in vision, strategy and tactics. Meanwhile Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory watch on.

We now have disarray before the enemy and confusion in the populace.

Wars are won by national populations knowing their exact roles. At present there is no clear message.

Australians are therefore being sent into battle with bullets not fitting rifles, uniforms without boots, radios without batteries and ration boxes missing meals.

There’s is only one clear strategy to bolster national confidence against Covid-19. Take the lead from the UK and shut Australia down.

This war will not be won by May, it will not be won by Christmas 2020. It could rage at least 18 months before vaccines are developed, manufactured and deployed around the globe.

That is the only victory.

Clarity comes from uniformity. And only when every Australian understands his or her job, knowing every other will have the same, can victory be obtained.

One leader, one message, one plan.

This is war. And that’s how wars are won.


Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory have now announced border closure measures of their own.

© 2020 Adam Parker.